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I love myself. ::claps::
And am SO HAPPY with my current year so far ::gasp::

It's absolutely amazing and I love all of it. Mwahahaha.

And I guess I yelled "Fucker! I fucking hate you!" over and over again to Jay. Which I knew, I just didn't think I yelled it, or that he paid attention to it. But he definately did. HAHA. So my head was laying on the table when he left, and he was like "Well I'm gonna go" and I brought my head up, flipped him off, and said "FUCKERR!" and went back to laying on the table. That's just fucking hilarious. I love myself.

So today plans. Take a shower once towels are done washing. Get all pretty (which doesn't take much now a days) and go to SIZZALER with Ashaliegh. Then I want to go to WalMart and buy Wedding Crashers. Then we'll probably do random shit or whatever until the basketball game. Then we're gonna go to the North vs whoever game. Then we're going to MapleWood Lanes to do cosmic bowling for a going-away thing for Ash. So yay for a busy day/night.
Then tomorrow is work. Blah.

Off I go