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"He's not his old person anymore. Because he's TOTALLY CONTROLLED BY TOBACCO!" Or is it 'Chewing tobacco?' Meh, either way, it makes me laugh. Ads now a-days get funnier and funnier.

Hah hah hah

So in my attempt to not blog as often as I used to, I failed. Oh well.

I just decided that my entries will not be full-blown descriptions of my day. 'Cause I'm sure no one cares.

So. Hm. I'm sick. It sucks. I worked 6 straight 8-12 hour days this past week. Tomorrow is my first day off since last monday. I'm looking forward to it. Only I'm sick so it won't be as great as I was hoping.

My check is gonna be hella awesome. I'm excited. I got my W2s from work the other day. They took out close to 600 and parents say I should get the majority, if not all, of it back. So that's exciting. Just waiting on Taco Bells and Hudson's. Yay for money.

My molars are hurting a bitch, but I think that's because I'm grinding my teeth. I don't know why I am, either. I never have before. Maybe I'm just closing my bite too hard or something. Meh, whatever.

I'm going to head to bed before I pass out or faint. I'm so light-headed.