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I'm G-thuggin' it yo! 01-13-06 00:05
So I was told
That you said some shit
Now all a'sudden
I'm a fuckin' bitch?
Sorry 'dawg'
But it don't work that way
If you're gonna complain 'bout the rules
Then don't fuckin' play
[This is my flow
This is my game
Why you so pissed
So, I fucked your brother
One night stands are a bitch
But I appologized, remember?
You said you were over it
Okay, Okay
I got with your friend too
But you were pushin' for it
What'd you think I would do?
You got with my best friend
So it's not like you were alone
Then you fucked another one
And didn't want me to know?
What the fuck was up with that?
Atleast I fuckin' told you
You didn't have to hear it from someone else
'Cause it fuckin' sucks when you do
So the whole 'us' thing
Wasn't meant to be
Big fuckin' deal
Just don't blame it all on me
You did what you wanted
And I did too
Difference is
I didn't wanna do it with you


I say I'm sorry
I say I didn't mean it
But turth me told
I meant every bit
'Cause I don't regret
I do what I feel
And I won't forget
How we were never 'real'
So why exactly
Didn't you give me a chance?
Was I not good enough
For your shitty-ass romance?
If you would've allowed it
I could've been your number one
But you only wanted a little bit
And frankly, it wasn't much fun
So I'll go on, yeah, I'll move on
Barely remembering your face
I may remember, but I won't surrender
You will be replaced.