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Silverchair is pretty. I <3 Anknee for getting me to listen to them. Although I'm not listening to them right now, just looking up random songs because I'm that bored.

I have inspiration. Inspiration that I should put to use. But, instead, I'm a loser and look up song lyrics. Since my Kazaa doesn't work and I'm too lazy to plug in the radio. I'd listen to my playlist, but I want to hear some songs that I haven't heard yet. Damn kazaa not working. It irks me so.

Anyways. I'm looking forward to pay day. Although it's a week away, god damn am I excited. Yay for 52 hours.

Anyways. I figured I'd post since I haven't. So... posting.

Done posting?

Sure. I'll go look up some more lyrics. Bye.
Ooops. Posted twice.

So. Wow. I haven't posted in quite some time.

Sorry folks, for those of you who actually read this, and were sad see that I haven't posted in awhile.

I've been busy helping my aunt Paula move. And before that, I was busy with church camp. And before that, I was busy with oral surgery. So. I've been busy. Basically. Finally have some free time to get online and check some of my journals that I haven't check on in about a week or more.

I have my license! I'm not sure if I had it in my last post or not, but I do now. It's awesome. Um. Not much else going on. I get to hang out with mah Ashaliegh tomorrow. And possibly an Asherz. Then I work 6-midnight. Thursday afternoon I'm hopefully hanging out with TaRt and maybe others? and that night I'm hopefully going to a movie with Shannon. Then friday I work 5-10. So, busy busy busy.

My Sashage is leaving for two weeks, and she's grounded until she leaves, which really sucks. =( I'll be all Sashage-less.

Jake's birthday is the 7th! Wo0t for him being 14 soon! Yay savior!

But I'm out so bye byes!

Haven't updated in awhile.

Not much to say. Hung out with Sashage, Jake, and Willie every day last week. Jake is my savior. We're in a gang. Saviors for Life. It's great. Um. Supposed to work tomorrow, but I don't think I'm going to. Not like this. Had oral surgery friday morning. Have stitches all up in my front gums above my top teeth and stuff. It's icky. They're irritating. I wish they'd fall out. Heh. Um. I get paid tuesday. Going to go shopping for church camp. Was going to get my hair done, but I think I'm going to wait until I get back from camp. I guess it just, depends on what I feel like doing. Yeah.

My stomach is hurting and it's pissing me off. I hate having oral surgery. It sucks.

Back to uploading pictures of my savior being a fairy. Bye.

So, I haven't updated in a few days. Been busy working... god it sounds weird to say that. Haha.. but yeah. I stayed at TaRt's friday night? No, saturday night. Her dad, her, and Laura picked me up after they got Laura. We chilled at TaRt's for awhile, then decided to go 'bowling'. We went up to my mom's work so I could get money and stuff, and she wanted us to go over to Wal*Mart and get her some pepsi, so we did. And then we came back and talked to her and Brandon for bit. Then drove around, got some eggs, and egged some shit. That was fun. Then I believe we went to Hummel and drove around. Then went back to TaRt's and watched the movie Thirteen, which is a pretty good movie. Then I fell asleep.

TaRt took me to work yesterday, at 2, and I worked and stuff. They put me in drive-thru, by myself, for my first time. It was cool though. I kicked ass. Wo0t. I rock. ^_^ Then her and Sashage came in and ate and stuff while they waited for me to get off. I got off at 5 and TaRt's parents wanted some food, so they made a list and gave me 8 bucks. Since I didn't use my 5 dollars worth of free food (I get it every time I work) Jen put that towards it, then gave me half off, so they only had to pay 2.44 for something that was gonna be a little below 9 dollars. So that was cool. Then we went to TaRt's and hung out and stuff. Got fireworks. Did stuff. Fun stuff. Got a Nick and lit off fireworks here. Then drove around and stuff. It was cool. TaRt and Sashage stayed the night.

Sashage had to go to work at 7, so she left my house around 6:45-ish. I got up about 10:15-ish and got all ready for work. Woke up TaRt so that she could get ready (she was taking me and then going home) and Jen called to tell me that they were really dead, and they didn't need me for the 2 hours I was scheduled. So TaRt and I decided to go back to sleep unitl 1:15, and then she went home. I like sleep. Then TaRt left around 1:30 probably. I talked to Sashage for a baby bit on the phone. Then mom showed up with fooood. ^_^ So I ate. And she talked to Jen (one of my managers, her friend) and I get paid next week! Yay! So I'll get my check before Church Camp! Yay! So I get to dye my hair and stuff and buy clothes and stuff! Yay! hehehe. It excites me.

Anyways. I guess Nick and Jake know douchanie. That sucks for them. Nick said she's cool... what's up with that? But anyways. I'm hopefully hanging out with a TaRt and a Sashage and we'll hopefully get a Jake and go downtown? That would rock my ass off.

I'm out though, so lata kiddos!

Oh, by the way, I noticed we have a 'edit post' button. That's awesome! Wo0t!

So. Work has been cool. Oh god, we were SO freaking busy last night. I worked from 5-11, and not once was there a time when we were dead. Not even for a second. People just kept coming and bahh. Alot of people got pissed off, because they had to wait so long for their food and stuff. Understandable, but what are you going to do when your drive-thru and dining room are wayy backed up, and you only have enough people to work one line? Not much.. heh. Anyways. Today was alot better. I'm getting super good at the register! Wo0t. And I fried a bunch of things. I like frying things. It's muchos fun. Like the nachos chips, and the chalupas, and the empanadas(?) and yeah.. I think that was all I fried. Heh. Oh and the potatoes. Then I cleaned alot. Got off at 1. Karen picked me up. So I didn't have to walk, which is good for me. Heh. I called Sashage but her brother said to call back in 10 minutes 'cause he was changing, or something. So I got dressed and brushed my teeth and called again, but no one is answering! I called like.. 5 times. I wonder if she's working... or just not home. Eh, whichever.

Tonights plans? Hang out with someone. Hopefully Josh, just so that I can find out about their possible concert on the 4th, and figure out rides and stuff. But other than that, I have nothing planned. Except sleep. Sleep bunches. For I have work tomorrow from 8am-6pm. So joy! ::sarcasm:: But I'm out, going to go take a bath and try to call Sashage again.

Guys, the site is looking awesome! Great job!

So.. today was cool.
Got up. Got ready. Went to work. Filled out bunches of paper. Got my uniform. I got the cool shirt that I wanted! Yay! Haha.. yeah. Then I learned how to work the register. I'm still a little confused on it, and have to ask questions and stuff, but for the most part I got it down. So yay. So I took orders and wiped trays and tables and stuff. So I think I'll enjoy working there. People are pretty cool. I'll be working with Anna Jo tomorrow night, and she's really cool. I talked with her for a couple minutes today when she clocked in, a little before I clocked out. And she just started a week ago, so she's still kinda new and stuff. But yeah. Then Mom and Amanda came in and got food and waited for me. Then Sashage stopped by. Then we all left together and dropped Amanda off at home, then came over here. Sashage and I hung out and stuff. Played card games, looked at horoscopes, played more card games. Yeah, we're losers. But ah well. Then I called my aunt Angel, she came over (Along with her 2 kids, Jordan and Brittany) and we took Sashage to work. I drove ^_^ Angel got a couple things from the store, we dropped it off at her house, went to my mom's work so I could get my houes keys out of her van, ate some food, went to the gas station, went to Taco Bell, and then dropped my car off here. Hung out over at Angel's for a bit. It was cool. Then came home around 9-ish. Pretty fun, I suppose.

TaRt got an interview at Hollywood. That rocks muches! So she'll probably get the job there, and I have the job at Taco Bell, Sashage has a job at Bakers, Matt has a job at Burger King, wow. Now all we need is Anknee, Asherz, Cheyne, and Laura to get jobs and we'll have benefits everywhere! Haha.

But I'm going to go now. The site is looking awesome guys, keep up the great work! Did I mention, I love you? You guys are my heroes!

Lata kiddos!
So. Last night was lame. He never called, never showed up, never answered his phone. Eh. I have assumptions.. and they're more than likely correct. But the last time I assumed something else was going on, he got pissed. Even though it was true... whatever. I don't see why I still care, or why I stillt ry. Damn me.

Anyways. So Sasha is supposed to be calling me soon. Hopefully. Then we're supposed to possibly pick her up and then possibly hang out with Stu and I guess TaRt? I hope so. That would rock much. Yes. Then at 5 I have a bikathon for church camp. I'm walking though. So far I've raised about 100 or so. I'm pledging 20 dollars for myself. But since I don't have it yet, mom will pay for it and I'll pay it back when I get a job. Heh, it works.

And I'm going to drive lots and try to my license in about 2 weeks or so. ^_^

But I'm going to go call Sasha, and see what's up.

Much love to TaRt for making my layout!! <33 It rocks. Don't you think? Yay.

Bye kiddos!
So.... Went up to school today. It was pretty fun. I cleaned up the dark room. Someone totally trashed it... it was... icky. But I made it all clean and stuff. ^_^ Then mom picked me up and we picked up Sasha and came over here. Sasha and I have basically been playing cards all day... because we're lame asses like that. Heh. And now we're here. Wo0t.

I'm about to call my aunt Angel to see if she'll take me driving in a little bit. That would be super cool.

I really hope I do hang out with Willie tonight. But... I doubt he'll call and I doubt we'll hang out. Just because it seems.... doubtful? I don't know. But yeah.

Well. I'm going to go call Angel and Sasha is going to make one of these. Bye kiddos!
So... I'm new. TaRt just told me about it...

For those of you who were a part of KMorg, I was Desshykaz. So, hello!

And great site guys, very awesome. ::thumbs up::

Anyways... I suck at first posts. So... there isn't much to really say. I have a job now. That really rocks. I have to go up to school tmorrow for a yearbook workshop thing. Other than that, nothing really happening.

Muse is beautiful. And.... I'm done. ...For now. Bye!
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